Slender: the Arrival apk download v.41.0 for android (Mod: full version)

Slender: The Arrival (Mod: Full Version) – Mobile adaptation of the excellent horror Slender Man with a new storyline and graphics.

The long-awaited port of Slender horror: Arrival on an android device, in which the player will have to solve the mystery of the disappearance of Kate, a close friend of our main character Lauren. According to the plot, you go in search of a friend, having arrived at her house, it becomes clear that there was a struggle here, all things are scattered, windows with doors are wide open, there are incomprehensible scratches on the wallpaper. On one note found there is a call to go into the forest, which we actually do, taking a small flashlight with us.

In Ze Arival, the player needs to explore various, abandoned territories, find useful things there, solve puzzles and try to prevent the Slenderman monster from finding us, otherwise instant death will follow. To fight off him, use your flashlight, its light scares off the villain, and as soon as he turns away, run as fast as you can and hide in secluded places. The atmosphere here is amazing, very dark and frightening, it is recommended to play in the dark with headphones for more immersion in horror.

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