Soul Knight apk download v.3.1.12 for android (Mod: a lot of diamonds | Paid skins and characters are opened | immortality

Soul Knight (Mod: menu mod / built-in cache) – Pixel action RPG elements where you, together with the main character, will have to save the earth from alien invaders. Go through game levels saturated with various elements, kill various enemies, clear locations and have incredible fun. There are quite a lot of characters for passing, and each one is unique in abilities and characteristics.

During battles in Soul Knight for Android, you can collect useful items and equipment. In between quests, do not forget to visit the tavern, where you can turn in old things and buy the necessary ones. Pleases a huge arsenal of all kinds of weapons, there are more than one hundred and seventy options in the game. Develop your hero’s skills by increasing Soul Knight’s strength, agility and survivability.

The graphics are of high quality, albeit pixelated, I like beautiful animations and special effects. The controls are standard for this genre of games, a virtual joystick and several buttons. The target is picked up automatically, the player only needs to pull the trigger in time and competently dodge the opponent’s attacks. You can play Soul Knight for free, but it takes a long time to save up currency to buy items, if you download the mod version, then there will already be a lot of money.

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