Specimen Zero apk download v.1.0.5 for android (mod: free shopping)

Specimen Zero (Mod: Free Shopping) – A horror game with interesting gameplay where you have to survive in an abandoned hospital with monsters.

Multiplayer horror for android devices, where you have to plunge into a tense atmosphere with elements of horror, and try to get out of an unfamiliar place where terrible monsters live. The game has received several modes, depending on which the difficulty of passing will change, for example, you can be a ghost and no one will see you, or you can survive when there are a huge number of enemies.

The gameplay involves wandering through dark locations, where you need to find resources and useful items, including weapons, solve ingenious puzzles and deal with evil spirits. Move as quietly as possible through the rooms so as not to attract too much attention, hide when you see that the situation is critical, because if you are discovered, a tough attack will follow and most likely death.

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