Square Home Launcher apk download v.2.2.3 for android (Premium)

Square Home Launcher apk download v.2.2.3 for android (Premium)

Square Home – Launcher: Windows style – This utility is able to turn the interface of your desktop on an android device into a colorful design that will be very similar to what you are used to seeing on a computer with the Windows 10 operating system installed. If you like a beautiful tiled interface, then without Square Home – Launcher: Windows style on Android you cannot do, just install the application and enjoy the familiar functionality and beauty.

By default, tiles from the programs and games installed on the device will appear on the main desktop, they will be in a chaotic order, you just have to configure what you want to see. All tiles lend themselves to different settings, you can swap them, reduce or increase the size, apply different colors, edit names and stuff like that. To see all your installed programs, just click on “Applications”, an additional menu will immediately open.

All shortcuts from your programs and games will be in this menu, they also look like tiles and can be configured in the same way as on the main screen. By the way, the main one you will have by default only one screen, to add more, just pinch from the bottom up, the add mode will open, you can add an unlimited number of tables. The application works very quickly both on tablets and smartphones and at the same time consumes very few resources and battery power.

It looks just as incredibly beautiful and unique on any device, but best of all, of course, on a tablet, all because of the large screen. In the settings there is something to talk about and correct for yourself, adjust any parameter, control gestures, enable additional functions, everything is only in your hands. I would also like to note the fact that third-party developers have become interested in this launcher, who release icon packs for it and make various extensions and modules.

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