Stellio Player apk download v.6.2.15 for android (Premium Vk + Mp3)

Stellio Player apk download v.6.2.15 for android (Premium Vk + Mp3)

This program is just an excellent and multifunctional music player for android devices, which stands out among its many competitors due to its excellent graphic design and simply amazing sound quality. A powerful engine, headed by a 12-band equalizer, is responsible for high-quality playback of audio files, with its help you can adjust the sound to your needs.

There are also ready-made presets, just activate the effect you want and enjoy. Great attention was paid to the graphic part during the development of the program, the interface turned out to be convenient and thought out to the smallest detail. The effect looks very cool, which adjusts all the player controls to the background of the cover, which allows you to completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the composition you are listening to.

If you don’t like the standard design, then it’s time to look into the settings, where in the interface tab you can customize almost any element for yourself manually or choose another theme from the six presented. There are also a lot of other parameters in the settings that the user can customize and adjust, you will have to deal a little with the abundance of settings, but it’s worth it. I would also like to highlight a very cool function with which you can connect directly from the player to a social network In contact with

If you do this, then all the songs from your page will be available in Stellio Player for Android. All songs that you listen to from Vkontakte will automatically be loaded into the program cache, which in turn means their further listening even without an Internet connection. There are also small but useful features such as sleep timer, functional widgets, support for Android Wear watches, and so on.

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