Stick War: Legacy apk download v.2021.1.32 for android (Mod: a lot of money)

Stick War: Legacy apk download v.2021.1.32 for android (Mod: unlimited money)

Stick War: Legacy (Mod: unlimited money) – A fascinating strategy game in which you will control a whole crowd of warriors, resembling sticks in appearance, but in fact possessing enormous military abilities. If you don’t like commanding an army, focus on one fighter and train only that fighter.

The main task in the game will be to capture the nearby territories, which are controlled by completely unfriendly peoples. Each of the peoples has a special technology that you actually need to capture, but for this you have to try and think with your brains. Train your soldiers, earn money, develop, and then capture all territories.

The graphics at first glance may seem very primitive, many will start to spit, but you should not jump to conclusions, just play a couple of missions, and you will understand that it is just perfect for the gameplay. The latter is so interesting that it is impossible to tear yourself away. Only your logic and strategic thinking will help you win incredibly epic battles.

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