Tank Stars apk download v.1.5.11 for android (Mod: a lot of money | no ads

Tank Stars (Mod: a lot of money | no ads | paid vip tanks are open) – An interesting tank arcade game with the ability to play with friends and other players.

Popular multiplayer tanks for android phones and tablets, in which you will compete with other players in the ability to accurately hit targets. The battles will take place one-on-one, where the opponent’s vehicles will be located on different sides. Your task in tank stars is to win, for this you need to choose the correct angle for shooting, calculate the trajectory and power of the shot in order to destroy the opponent’s tank.

A decent number of different armored vehicles are available for the game, including premium ones, each of which can still be improved, thereby increasing efficiency. In addition, there are many explosive projectiles with different actions, all kinds of boosters and bonuses. All this in colorful graphics with correct physics and vivid animation effects.

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