Taxi Sim 2020 apk download v.1.2.25 for android (Menu mod: a lot of money | unlimited fuel

Taxi Sim 2020 apk download v.1.2.25 for android (Menu mod: unlimited money | unlimited fuel

Taxi Sim 2020 (Menu Mod | Unlimited Money | Built-in Cache) – An intelligent driving simulator in which you have to work as a taxi driver in many metropolitan areas of our planet, including Los Angeles, Rome, New York and others. Choose a suitable car in a taxi sim from more than fifty presented and go to earn money and move up the career ladder.

When moving along the streets, try to avoid accidents, let pedestrians pass and follow the traffic rules, at least until you find a client. After all, for all these violations you will pay fines and experience will be taken away from you. But already with the passenger, act at his will, some are in a hurry and do not pay attention that you are driving aggressively and violating, while others will be simply shocked by such driving. The happier your travel companion is, the more money and experience you will earn, plus you will receive recommendations.

You can play this taxi simulator alone, gradually passing your career, or with friends in multiplayer. Well, if you are completely reluctant to complete tasks, go free ride, having fun and riding as you like. From the pros, in addition to the gameplay, one can single out cool graphics, realistic driving, live sounds of engines, a variety of pedestrians and road traffic.

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