Temporary App Permissions download apk v.1.23.1 for android (Premium)

Temporary App Permissions download apk v.1.23.1 for android (Premium)

Bouncer – Take control of the permissions of programs and games and manage them intelligently.

A mega useful application designed to manage the permissions of applications installed on the system. With it, you can temporarily grant permissions. For example, you want to share your location on the Instagram social network, but do not want the program to have constant access to it. Then you go to the Instagram client, Bouncer issues such permission, you do what you need, and when you leave the client, he will immediately delete it.

Thus, your privacy and security are increased, as well as the battery life of your android device. After all, unnecessary permissions will be disabled and will not work in the background, therefore the battery will drain more slowly. The utility itself does not collect any data and does not have access to the Internet, so you can safely use it.

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