The Road Driver – Truck and Bus Driving Simulator apk download v.1.4.2 for android (Mod: a lot of money)

The Road Driver (Mod: a lot of money) – An interesting truck and bus driving simulator, where you will act as the driver of the previously mentioned vehicles and perform various tasks on them. You will have a lot of work and assignments, all of them are specially and in detail designed so that you get maximum pleasure and emotions from their implementation.

As usual, you will have to start with the smallest, you will first have to work for a carrier in order to earn a lot of money and buy your own truck. And in business you will already plow for yourself, concluding lucrative contracts for the delivery of bulky goods or the transportation of passengers from one point to another. Your cars need to be modernized, change wheels, paint, adjust the suspension.

In addition to driving, you can walk around the city on foot, unwind and get a good sleep in order to regain your strength, because they are exhausted in the game. The graphics are of good quality with a realistic rendering of the appearance of the locations and the cars themselves, in addition, there is a dynamic change in weather and time of day.

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