The Sun: Origin Premium apk download v.2.0.1 for android (Mod: a lot of money

The Sun: Origin Premium (Mod: A lot of money) – An excellent action game for android from Russian developers, which, in terms of its gameplay and surrounding atmosphere, looks pretty good at everyone’s familiar Stalker. For a long time, a group of scientists tried to warn the stubborn government that it was not by chance that strange cataclysms began to occur on earth. They convened forums and scientific conferences in the hope that they will be heard and people will be able to hide from the impending disaster.

The guys sounded the alarm and shouted loudly that something terrible would happen soon, but practically no one believed them. And then at one fine moment an explosion occurred in space, which released tons of radioactive particles, these particles instantly went to our planet, killing and changing all living things at their own discretion. Almost all life on Earth died, only a small fraction of people managed to survive, who nevertheless believed the scientists and hid in underground bunkers in time.

It was a very difficult time, where chaos and hunger dictated their laws, any food was worth its weight in gold. After some time, the people got out of the ground and gradually began to improve their lives. And in one of the families, Raven was born and raised – a nimble guy for whom we actually have to play. The gameplay of The Sun: Origin for android is quite high-quality and interesting, you have to explore the territory, find various provisions there, collect various items and try to survive in a harsh radioactive world.

On the way, you will come across anomalous zones with high radiation, which can instantly kill. Mutated animals with people are also dangerous, they roam the earth and are just waiting to feast on living flesh. Try to overcome all these trials and survive to the envy of everyone.

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