The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie shooter apk download v.3.6.9 for android (Menu mod: free shopping | unlimited fuel and ammo

The Walking Zombie 2 (Menu Mod) – High-quality first-person shooter where you need to complete quests and shoot zombies from a variety of weapons. The world is infected with an unknown disease that turns people into the walking dead and you are the only one who is immune to this infection. All the hope of humanity is in your hands, try to save the world by finding a cure and find out the truth of your origin.

Explore the post-capitalist game world of Ze Volkin Zombie 2, try to survive in difficult conditions, when danger awaits at every turn. Wage a war against bandits and mutated monsters who need to be shot from various weapons. Meet new characters and conduct dialogues with them, make decisions that affect the development of the plot. Complete missions and small tasks.

Completing the assigned tasks and competently shooting opponents and huge bosses, you will receive experience and a lot of money. Spend all this on improving the parameters of the hero. Buy weapons, among which there are melee and ranged combat, use improved equipment and pump skills and unique abilities in order to pacify all ill-wishers in a quality manner.

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