Toca Life World apk download v.1.35 for android (mod: full version open

Toca Life World (Mod: Full Version Opened | Built-in Cache) – An interesting adventure simulator for android, where you will have complete freedom of action to build your own virtual world and spin your plot there. Create chaos and the most incredible deeds in fifty unique locations, where there will be more than three hundred characters and about a hundred pets. Try to make a cool story together.

Do what you see fit here, hang out with friends, re-plan your accommodation, visit hairdressers and shops, go to restaurants and various other events. And everywhere you and only you decide what will happen next, do not be linear, do something crazy in the world of Current Life World.

For example, you are tired of your neighbors and you simply took and drove them out into the street, and threw things out of the window, your grandmother scolded you and you decided to take revenge on her by cutting her hair baldly. Take your pet to school, the way there amuses or scares people, take the teacher with you to the hairdresser and dye your hair yellow. That is, your imagination decides almost everything. And all this in beautiful cartoon graphics.

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