Traffic Racer apk download v.3.5 for android (Mod: a lot of money)

Traffic Racer apk download v.3.5 for android (Mod: unlimited money)

Traffic Racer (Mod: unlimited money) – Endless arcade race, the goal of which is to drive as much distance as possible on the roads loaded with other vehicles and not get into an accident. Set records for distance, earn game currency and buy new cars with better parameters and characteristics, or improve existing ones.

To rush a greater distance into the traffic racer and earn maximum cash, you need to heat at a speed of at least one hundred kilometers per hour, and at the same time overtake moving cars in grinding. If you repeat this constantly, then points and money will grow exponentially. Thirty-five vehicles are available for pokatuski, which you can paint in the color you want.

Also in this racing game there are five modes: for a while, before an accident in the oncoming traffic, before an accident without an oncoming traffic, police chase and free driving. Each mode has different earnings and bonuses, so experiment. The appearance of the locations is also selectable, ride in the desert, in the suburbs, in the snow, in rainy weather, or in the city at night.

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