Vodobanka Pro download apk v.1.01x for android (Full version)

Vodobanka Pro – Seemingly simple, but actually very interesting and addicting strategy for android, in which you have to control a small squad of special forces. Send your wards to various buildings captured by criminals. Here you need to show your tactical thinking in order to quickly neutralize the villains and jump to the next stage.

The main thing in Vodobanka Pro for Android is to sensibly assess the situation and from this plan your offensive, draw up an effective route for each fighter. Choose different equipment and optimal weapons for the heroes, because the success of the mission and the health of the entire squad will depend on your command.

The graphics in the game are made from a top view in a schematic form, they are great for the current gameplay. There are many levels, the tasks are always different. Earn money and use them to improve the skills of the characters, improve their characteristics, uniforms and weapons.

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