World War Heroes: War Shooter apk download v.1.27.2 for android (Mod: unlimited ammo

World War Heroes (Mod: Infinite Ammo) – A stunning co-op shooter set in a military setting where you have to fight other players from all over the world during the Second World War. Here you will find numerous interesting game modes, excellent console-level graphics, a huge arsenal of weapons and many hours of entertaining gameplay.

Fight as a sniper or tanker, use unexpected tactics to outwit the enemy and win. Compete in seven legendary battlegrounds, learn how to handle military equipment from different countries, including the USSR, USA, Germany and Japan. Test your skills in seven different game modes, each with its own rules.

More than sixty types of various weapons and equipment are provided for cool battles in world war heroes, and these are pistols, assault rifles, rifle grants, shotguns, bazookas, machine guns and much more. Each one needs to be improved to be more efficient, so you can increase damage, decrease recoil, increase reload speed and increase your magazine.

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