Zombie Catchers apk download v.1.30.14 for android (mod: a lot of money)

Zombie Catchers (Mod: a lot of money) – Adventure zombie arcade game with an unusual plot, cool hand-drawn graphics and interesting gameplay. The essence of the gameplay is as follows, you need to wander around the locations and catch the walking dead using clever traps. Then place their carcasses in special containers, where they will squeeze juice from them and make various delicacies.

This whole thing sounds pretty awful, but in practice it turns out to be very fun and interesting, plus it all takes place in a cartoon reality. So, we will look for zombies with the help of special drones, we send them to explore the territories and as soon as the victims are found we go hunting. We take our harpoon and the bait in the form of brains, lure the prey, and when it leads to our tasty treat, we catch it.

Also, do not forget to constantly improve the zombie extractors, your catching devices and other equipment, because the enemies will become more literate and stronger along the way. For example, they will begin to put on armor protection, which cannot be pierced the first time. So upgrade your gun and hit your victims as quickly as possible.

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