Zombie Farm apk download v.4.31 for android (Mod: a lot of money)

Zombie Farm (Mod: a lot of money) – The most famous city-building simulator with great gameplay and quirky characters. As the name implies, the main characters here are zombies, but not evil ones, eager to bite someone, but cute and kind ones. Their main task is to build an incredibly beautiful town for the residents of the same name, but for this they will have to work hard.

Manage a team of workers, each with their own specialty, for example, lumberjacks mine wood, stone cutters refine stone, cooks prepare food for workers, and treasure hunters find rare resources. Distribute tasks competently, build buildings necessary for life, decorate territories, grow vegetables, fruits and other plants.

Brew powerful potions from herbs and flowers in order to be able to strengthen the strength of the builders, so that they work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Over time, new locations will open up, ennoble them too. In the end, try to unravel the ancient secret that will allow us to make ordinary people out of our monsters.

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