Zona (online cinema) – download for Android

Zona is your faithful friend for watching the latest movies and TV series. A library with fresh news is now always at hand. Let’s analyze the functionality, advantages and disadvantages of this utility


About the app

The utility has a huge catalog of movies and TV series, which is updated simultaneously with the version of the program for the PC. The difference between the two versions is that on the basis of Android – the application works without ads.

Watching movies online via Zona on Android

Zona has a user-friendly interface for mobile devices, where you can quickly choose a movie for the evening to suit your interests. The design here is worked out to the smallest detail and surfing the catalog brings a lot of pleasure, since a “juicy” poster has been developed for each film. By clicking on the picture of the film, a full description opens. The user can easily familiarize himself with the description of the film or series, see the reviews and ratings.

You can download the official version from the link below. There is no utility in Goggle Play, so we provide a link to the developer’s site. By clicking on it, you can immediately download the APK file.

Movies of all genres on Zona for Android

Features of the program

  • Watching movies and TV series online.
  • For any video you can see his IMBD and Kinopoisk rating.
  • The works you like can be added to the “Favorites” section. To do this, click on the heart.
  • The application provides a convenient search to narrow the list of proposed films.


  • The video being played is downloaded with a reserve and sent to the phone’s cache. This is convenient, because in case of short-term problems with the Internet, the video will not slow down and interrupt. Relevant when viewed while traveling in transport.
  • There are no advertising banners in the catalog. There is an advertisement only when watching a movie (usually it is before the start of the video and you can quickly skip it).
  • The presence of the Russian language.
  • The application can be linked to VK. This will give you access to the content of the social network.
  • The app automatically plays videos in the best resolution possible for your screen.
  • The account is stored on external software servers. This allows you to run Zona from any device under the client’s account. Synchronization will take a few minutes.


  • There is no settings section in the application. Therefore, you cannot configure the use of traffic over Wi-Fi only. Most likely this is temporary, and soon these settings will be added. So far, the application is in beta testing.

How to update the Zona version

Developers collect all user feedback on the use of their product. Therefore, sometimes updates to the program are released. There are 2 ways to update the app:

  1. Zona automatically connects to the official website and offers to install the new version.
  2. You can do everything manually if you haven’t received the update. Delete the old version and download the new one from the official source.
Updating the Zona app on Android

Video clip

Download Zona

You can download the application here.

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